Hey everyone its been a long time since we last in BROOKLYN’S WORLD AND so much has happened. Me and the man I’m so I’m love with got back together…Don’t clap for me yet. I waited 10 months. 10 months of have to see him with other hoes and treating them with respect and whatContinue reading “Insanity”

Reading body language.

So today I was thinking about what direction I wanted to go with my blog and I decided that when I listen to someone talk not only am I listening to them talk I listen to their body language their demeanor how they look at somebody how they react to what I say the facialContinue reading “Reading body language.”


Question for all of you… If your significant other was in trouble would you lie for them?? MY answer, is yes I will go to any links or measures to make sure my significant other didn’t get into trouble. When it comes to the person I am with, I go hard for them. which meansContinue reading “LOYALTY….”


Sitting next door at my neighbors. He’s cool very talented and single. If I wasn’t head over heels in love with somebody else I would jump on this dude like green on a frog. He sings, makes me laugh non-stop when I’m over here. I like coming over here especially when I have had aContinue reading “MY COOL ASS NEIGHBOR.”

The Sociopath.!!

So my BFF has this stalker, psychosociopath who I am not kidding calls her every minute of the day when she doesn’t answer the phone he just continues she can’t even make a phone call out because he continues to keep calling and this goes on all day long. I’m on her ass about justContinue reading “The Sociopath.!!”

I hate it when…..

I hate it when people act like I have a IQ level of 0 or they try to feed me some bullshit ass story. Expecting me to actually believe the b******* that’s coming out of their mouth. I just hate it when people treat me like I’m a lesser than what I actually am becauseContinue reading “I hate it when…..”

Let’s take a vote

Would you rather be with somebody who you knew loved you and would do their best by you or would you rather be with somebody that you had a question your whole life?? My answer I rather be with somebody that I know love me somebody that I know I can count on when sheContinue reading “Let’s take a vote”


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