I am an artist, Entrepreneur, Go Getter, I’m a jack of all trades. I can build a house, I can take care of disabled people, and much much more.

I’m 39, I’m just now startinf 0g a blog of all the crazy messed up crap that goes on on my life. I consider myself to be an artist I love to paint I make crafts I would work I make organic soaps and candies and I also make edibles and you will find those here on my site for sales so I hope you enjoy

Things that you will find here on my web page

  • Hand made crafts and organic lotions and soaps.
  • Give advice to ones who ask for it.
  • I’m a very outspoken, honest, loyal, and trustworthy person. I don’t sugar coat shit. if you feel that you may not like the answer I’m about to give you I suggest you not ask me then..