Reading body language.

So today I was thinking about what direction I wanted to go with my blog and I decided that when I listen to someone talk not only am I listening to them talk I listen to their body language their demeanor how they look at somebody how they react to what I say the facial expressions they use you can tell a lot from a person by how they respond the way they respond actions speak louder than words if somebody is sitting next to you and their knees are turned away from you that person is not really into you if your knees are facing each other in the same direction does that person’s into you when a person says they’re leaving their significant other and weeks go by they still haven’t left them but they keep telling you that they’re going to let’s say you need a ride somewhere and they say you know since it’s winter time I ain’t going to let you walk this winter they’re right there should give you a hint or a clue that they have no intentions on leaving the person that they’re with because if they did you wouldn’t have to worry about walking anywhere cuz you guys would be together they can give you a ride wherever you needed to go but clearly that person doesn’t intend on being with you cuz you still going to call them for a ride see what I’m saying it’s not hard to interpret how people are feeling what they’re thinking and you can find all that stuff out just by how they respond to a question or what they say nine times out of 10 the first thing that comes out of a person’s mouth is usually the truth especially in an argument when they say something they’re really mad at you like so and so did this or so and so did that and later on they say no I just said that to make you mad nine times out of 10 you can bet your ass that was the truth they just know it’s really going to hurt you so they tell you that they lied. If your best friend keeps telling you that your boyfriend’s no good and you should leave him you could almost bet your ass your boyfriend’s fucking your friend. No there are some people out there that you know these don’t apply to but they’re very far few and in between. If you ask somebody if you can hang out with them or spend some time with them and they can’t tell you a day when they can spend time with you or even try to make time to spend with you but instead tell you just know that I’m thinking about you really that’s supposed to make me feel better you can’t even tell me you will make time for me but you’re thinking about me what kind of bullshit is that. So not only are you not leaving your significant other but you can’t even tell me you’re going to make time for me but yet you’re thinking about me I don’t give a fuck if you’re thinking about me I’d rather you be with me and hanging out with me and showing me that you like me not just fucking thinking about me what the fuck is that going to do for me how’s that going to help me. Men are so fucked up, I swear they think we’re dumb enough to actually believe some bullshit like that when really they’re the idiots for thinking that we’re dumb enough to believe that bullshit. It’s like no matter how much effort you put in to try to show somebody that you love them and you’ll be there for them they take it for granted they don’t show you any appreciation or attempt to even try to leave the person that they’re with no but instead they drop you off at your house tell you that they love you and they go back home to their girl

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