Question for all of you… If your significant other was in trouble would you lie for them?? MY answer, is yes I will go to any links or measures to make sure my significant other didn’t get into trouble. When it comes to the person I am with, I go hard for them. which means I ride for mine. When it comes to my children or the person that I am with that woman I go hard for them.. let’s just say if we both got arrested ain’t no cop going to get me to roll on my significant other and they definitely ain’t going to get a statement out of me that’s for damn sure. When u love someone you’re supposed to protect them from anything that could hurt them regardless of what it is. To me the definition of loyalty is you having somones back 💯 percent, NO MATTER WHAT!! IF THE BOTH OF YOU GO DOWN TOGETHER, it’s both of you keeping your mouth shut. It’s when the other person is not around and someone hits on you and you say no thanks I’m good. When ur in a big group and someone’s taking shit about your partner and you stop them instead of joining them. It’s doing whatever you can to help the both of you come up not just yourself. It’s when someone gives you something and you make sure you give it to your partner. If everyone just treated everyone else they way that they would want to be treated the world would be a much beytet place

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