The Sociopath.!!

So my BFF has this stalker, psychosociopath who I am not kidding calls her every minute of the day when she doesn’t answer the phone he just continues she can’t even make a phone call out because he continues to keep calling and this goes on all day long. I’m on her ass about just ignoring him but it’s getting to the point where he has started threatening me and I ain’t the one. He’s a lazy slob who won’t get off his ass and do a damn thing won’t work won’t leave his grandma’s house nothing and the only thing he has to do is try to ruin her life. He’s put his hands on her he asks her for a favor and in the same breath will call her a cunt I’ve been in a relationship like this and the dude was so abusive that it got to a whole another level of scary I don’t know what it is about myself and other people but I have had my fair share of psycho stalkers and when I say that I’m talking about more than one I’m talking more than five all of which have tried to kill me I’m not for sure what it is that I do to people to make them go crazy but my best friend has the same effect on people too. I’m writing this bc I can see the hurt and how it effects her daily life. Hell it’s starting to effect my daily life. She gets a way from this dude and he does this to her till she has no option but to go back to him but since me and he have reconnected I’m not letting it happen. This dude’s gonna end up killing her. HES DRIVING ME CRAZY SHE PUTS HER PHONE ON VIBRATE AND ALL I CAN HEAR IS IT VIBRATING ALL DAY LONG AND IT DRIVES ME NUTS. HE TRIES TO TEll her that I’m using her or tries to put thoughts in her head that I’m not her friend but I clearly care about her or I wouldn’t be here for her like I am I consider her part of my family I’ve moved her into my home not once not twice but 3 times I care about about her. Buti had stopped talking to her for a year bc all she kept doing was lying to me and stealing from me. When her mom passed away I wasn’t there for her and I regret that every day. But this dude is on some crazy psycho stalker shit and I’m worried about him hurting her. He won’t get the fucking clue that she don’t want him anymore. Oh and to top off everything in my downward spiral of a life my 3rd ex wife has been released from prison and I didn’t want to see her at first but now I think I want to. But we’ll save that for tomorrow or today

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