I hate it when…..

I hate it when people act like I have a IQ level of 0 or they try to feed me some bullshit ass story. Expecting me to actually believe the b******* that’s coming out of their mouth. I just hate it when people treat me like I’m a lesser than what I actually am because I’m a badass mother f***** first off let me name it off I cook I clean I have a job if I want something I make my own money and get it myself I can do just about anything that a man can do if not better. I’m honest, loyal, dependable, I don’t cheat and I keep everything 100, and the person I’m with I have their back 100%. I don’t trash talk them nor do anything fucked up. I ride hard for the people I’m with. I’m a fucking catch, and I keep falling for the people that fuck me over the most. Why can’t there be a guy/girl out there that can be the same way I am. It just sucks

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