Wtf is wrong with people today

So I’m not gonna lie i smoke alot of pot and today I had gotten a new toy so I thought I’d be nice and got over next door and see if he wanted to partake. Oh and fyi ive been digging this dude, keep that on mind. So me and my bff strut our stuff over there knock on the door and he Screams really loud oh my gooood who is it now. He flings the door open and says in a rude tone NO, not tonight. First off it ass should feel privileged I always bring something to smoke I don’t ask you for shit, I bring my own party favors and I don’t do dumb s*** and for you to act like you’re better than me and if you don’t think that we can hear everything you say through the walls of the trailer when you’re screaming you’re absolutely wrong and you should feel lucky that I was desperate enough to get out of my house excuse me let me face that the people’s house I’m staying at I was so desperately wanting to get out of there that I was like you know what f*** it even though I heard him be a complete utter f****** a****** the other night I’m asking if he wants to smoke and you act like it’s a problem for me to come over and hang out when in reality the only reason I came over there is cuz I was so desperate to get the f*** out of where I was at that you were my only option I didn’t even want to come over especially after hearing all the s*** that he had to say the other night. I’m so sick and tired of buddies rudeness and lies and disrespect and b******* like that wasn’t even called for he was a complete f****** a****** for no reason no there was a reason he thinks he’s better than everybody else why is every guy gotta try and start fights between friends just so they can try to Fuck both of them. Men are down right pigs most of the time. So I went out tonight in tonight and what I thought was supposed to be spending time with a person it turns out I’m just a booty call. WTF. ONCE AGAIN I FELL FOR HIS SHIT. WHY. Do i continue to be so stupid. I hate the fact I love him bc no matter how pissed I am at home or how bad he’s treated me soon as he calls I pick up or if he texts me asking to stop by it’s always yes. I stood by his self de the entire time he was locked up and tonight he told me he don’t want to deal with me being locked up. That hurt so bad. Made me feel like I’m not worth that too him. He’s never going to leave her. And as I sat there listening to him talk i realized that he loves her the way I love him so he’s not going to leave her. I hate to see him hurt and I really don’t want to Fuck this hoe up but if she’s gonna Fuck with his emotions I’m gonna have to set her straight. Man it really hurts me to him go through this s*** when he doesn’t have to like he don’t deserve this he can be a really good dude and he deserves to be with somebody who’s actually going to love him and be there for him and not be talking to other m************ it’s just b*******

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