Let’s take a vote

Would you rather be with somebody who you knew loved you and would do their best by you or would you rather be with somebody that you had a question your whole life?? My answer I rather be with somebody that I know love me somebody that I know I can count on when she gets tough if I go away for prison for 5 years they’re going to support me while I’m in there they’re going to have my back they ain’t going to let nobody talk s*** about me then going to let nobody do me wrong that’s all I want in life and I love somebody like that but the f***** up thing is they don’t love me like that and it’s hard to swallow because I do I would have their back I would take a bullet for him would take a case hell there’s some things that probably do that I’m going to mention in writing and this person knows I love them that much but that doesn’t matter to them because they’d rather be with this chick who lies about everything the b**** lies about the color of her shoes for no reason. And for real this dude deserves so much better than her like I’m not trying to boast or brag but he deserve someone like me someone who is going to have his back no matter what someone that when I’m out somewhere and he ain’t with me and the mother f***** talks bad about him I step up and say hey either you shut the f****** or me and you going to have a problem like I have that dudes back 100% I may have done a couple things while he was locked up in prison that I’m not proud of but come on it was something that didn’t mean anything the second he got out of prison I was all his I did a couple things while he was out of prison when he first got out but it wasn’t because I was actually doing it or thinking that way I did it because he said he made a comment about his ex-wife that really got me in my feelers and I knew he had been going through my phone so I emailed somebody in prison and said some s*** that I knew at some point would get back to the dude I was dating was it one of my proudest moments no. But I tell him everything I’m 100% honest with him whether he believes me or not that’s his problem. he doesn’t have to cheat on me hell I’ve been married to three different times all the women if he wants to f*** somebody else all you have to do is bring him home if he wants to f*** somebody by himself all he’s got to do is just let me know keep it 100 and just because he’s out doing that s*** doesn’t mean I want to do that s*** I’m a faithful loyal b**** when I’m with somebody I am with that person nobody else means a f*** to me but they go behind my back and do some of that should be done has like really crushed me and the other night I’m hanging out with a certain somebody and the whole entire time all he’s talking about is a b**** that he’s with it’s like for real like I get you a nice ass hotel room for the jacuzzi tub so you can chill and relax for a while you totally blow me the f*** off and you’re going to sit here and talk to me about nothing but her I cried myself to sleep I just don’t get what I’m not doing right you know how you pour your heart out to somebody and nine times out of 10 when you’re in love with them you know they pour their heart back he would always just say thank you or I appreciate that and my gut just tells me that he does not love me at all like I love him and that s*** hurts especially when you would ride for that mother f***** no it fans or butts I wouldn’t even ask questions if he said hey let’s go, I’d be like alright. I know at one point in time my third wife was that way like we could fight argue and at the end of the day I knew that she loved me granted she also tried to kill me several times so I don’t know how much love was there but I just want to be with somebody that is going to have my back like I have theirs and know that when I’m not around they ain’t got to worry about me cheating on him or f****** around or doing dumb s*** but it seems like no matter who I date or who I go out with they always be on some dumb s*** they just can’t keep their dick in their pants and think it’s cute to just have sex with all these pre females. I’m tired of putting my all into trying to help people and be there for people when they won’t even put in a fourth of the effort that I do well I’m going to jump off here now I just wish this person knew just how much I love them and how deep my feelings ran maybe then they would treat me with a little bit more respect and decency. Because I go all out for them just to be s*** on and talk too crazy and just wish they knew how much I love them or at least wish they would love me the same but no I fall into the category of being not as good as the other b**** who lies about everything couldn’t tell the truth to save her life I just don’t get it but I will hope everyone has a wonderful evening don’t forget to share with your friends and I should be posting my edibles soon for sale

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