The Brooklyn Times

Every have one of those days where you’re just pisses off at the whole world and you don’t even know why?? Except for I know why!!. I’m sick of being single and the person who I’m supposed to be with is with some rachet ass hoe who couldn’t tell the truth to save her life. She one of those people who have to lie to make herself seem interesting. Only problem is she could lie all she wants she still ain’t shit.. I can’t stand someone who has to make shit up to try and fit in.. I can’t for the life of me figure out WTF he sees in her. Besides the fact she could care less about him going out and cheating on her all the time. She lets him do whatever he wants and me I won’t I’ll say something to him. Like WTF!!. 2 nights in a row now he’s called and messaged me at 3,4 in the morning asking if I’m up. I don’t know how many more times I’m gonna have to tell him I go to bed early bc I work in the mornings. More or less o believe he does the shit on purpose just to say ” well I tried to come over but u didn’t answer.” I’m finally glad I’m over him. Now I just wish I could find someone to replace him. I’m so sick of being alone. I’m really picky when it come to who i would actually be with and now that I’ve went through the shit Maine put me through, I’m not sure I will ever be able to trust someone again. This dude took me to go get a marriage license, and then kept putting it off. Like I couldn’t tell he was making up reasons to not get married. That’s top of the line fuck with someone’s head for real. Especially since he already had been cheating on me for several months, actually I’m sure he cheated on me the entire time I was with him. The one that hurt the most was someone I consider to be my best friend. He said he fucked her ony bed to. Later that day he says he lied that he never fucked her. All I can say is my guy knows different first off I know my best friend sure she fucked him every time my back was turned. I know what kind of person she is and I can’t stand the fact she sits there and lies to my face, after everything I’ve done for her. Not to mention I stopped talking to her for a year bc I caught her stealing from me and when I asked her she lied right to my face. The other day I walked in our room and had caught her in my purse, she says she was looking for back to some earrings but not matter what the reason was she should have never gotten in my purse. I’d give her anything she asked for but she’s gotta ask first.

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