Fake it til I make it

So today I lied. Now wait. Let me explain. I don’t as texting my ex and when he said he didn’t want to see me, bc he didn’t want to see me cry…..well I had to let him know I’ve been done crying over you a long time ago. That shit hurt my feelers. Like WTF for real??!!. Your ass should have to not only deal with me CRYING but to actually sit down and talk to my ass and keep the shit 100. But it will never happen, bc he can’t keep shit real with his damn self let alone me.. He told me that bc I slept with 3 people while he was locked up. Which yes it was wrong but he was doing dirty shit behind my back with this bitch. He even went and picked her up from prison. When he got home from prison i didn’t do shit to deserve that shit. I wanted so bad for him to be the one. I wanted to spend my life making him Happy. But he was to busy letting other bitches and hoes make him happy. Man I can’t do lier’s especially when all I do is keep it 💯 with them. My heart still hurts. I lied to him and told him im Good with out him. I miss him and s*** like that but other than that I’m doing good not being cheated on lied to left at home by myself I would rather be single than have to go through all that b******* and then yesterday I’m sitting there it’s about 1:00 in the morning and my phone rings and lo and behold who is it him he pretends like he called the wrong number it starts asking for some other person by name when he knows damn good well he called my phone but I play along, and proceed to tell him it’s me he wants to ask how I’m doing and I just let him know that he can call whoever he was trying to get a hold of so I get off the phone and 5 minutes later he calls back and tells me he’s going to come by and see me the next day and his big thing that he does to me is when he says he’s going to come by and see me it’s always the next day and then when the next day comes he never shows up or he has to come up with some excuse or some lie and make it seem like he’s got more important things to do when all actuality he’s just a lying piece of s*** that has nothing to do and wants to make himself look busy so he don’t look desperate I could care less if you come by and see me or not the longer I go without seeing him the more I get over him that’s what I’m trying to do. I guess you can kind of say I am over him considering it don’t bother me no more when he lies because I expect it. it don’t surprise me when he doesn’t show up or keep a promise.. hell if he did I’d probably have a stroke. I love how men think us women are so dumb that we will just believe anything they tell us. News flash YOU SUCK AT LYING, I Don’t v ALWAYS BELIEVE EVERYTHING IM TOLD BC I NEVER BELIEVED YOUR ASS OR YOUR BULLSHIT MEN WILL Try To convince you that they are a good guy or a good friend when the entire time he’s fucking your girl behind your back while u at work. That’s some crazy shit. Men will fuck anything and I mean anything. You could cut a hole in a wall put a sign up that says free to Fuck and men wouldn’t even ask what’s on the other side they’d just Keep taking turns fucking that same hole. Men are so blind you can have the most perfect women and u will still find a reason to cheat on her. Instead you’d rather be with a bitch who lies through her teeth is fake as fuck, don’t even want to be with you only reason she is bc u have a car and her other dude’s locked up. She ain’t no good but yet u with her. Did ur IQ level drop 100 points. Well maybe one day he will get his shit together but by then it’s gonna be to late

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