Couldn’t be happier

So it’s been almost a week now that I haven’t tried to get ahold of my ex and I have to say stress levels are way down. Out till the neighborhood I be in all the time, and he didn’t even stop by and say hi, fuck you, nothing. When I saw him drive it off it really hurt my feelers. It made my already cold heart just a tad bit colder. I got home from work today and my bff tell’s me that he texted her phone last night asking how I was.???WTF WHY can’t you ask me yourself.?? I was so hurt and upset by that, I texted him asking that very question. And he never answered Of course. That’s bc he don’t give a shit about me. Everyone else is more important he puts them first but never me. I always get brushed to the side. That’s bc he thinks I’m just gonna wait for him no matter what. But he is living in a fairy tail bc if u can’t make me a priority then I’m sorry I don’t have time for u either. It’s cool I don’t want to see you Either. I’ve had my fill on cheating ASSHOLE. Especially ones who don’t give a fuck and who’ve made it a purpose to do whatever they can to hurt me I can’t stop crying atm. I just want to go to sleep

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