Here we go again. He acts like such a man child. I get a text message that says ” Don’t wait on me”. Really??? LoL bro sorry to break it to you but I haven’t been. I been and known everything you say is a lie. The fact he really thought I was sitting around waiting for him to come back after all the fucked up shit he’s done to me while we was together not to mention all the fucked up bullshit he’s put me through since we ain’t been together. Now he thinks he can tell me to move on bro let me let you in on a little secret. That’s been happened dude. I couldn’t help but laugh at that statement. He was dead serious about it too that’s what made it even funnier. This dude really thinks I’m about to sit around and wait for him while he goes out and screws everything in sight, and I’m supposed to be available whenever he wants to have sex. Sorry. For the first few months that we had broken up I was trying everything I could to get him back. Now I’m grateful he left me bc now I have a chance to find someone worth my time. It just pissed me off he wasted 3 years oy life with his bullshit and lies I could have been with someone else by now. I can sit around day after day wondering about all the what ifs. It comes down to this I’m a badass chick I’m a badass chick to have I will go above and beyond for mine and he simply was a piece of f****** s*** who doesn’t deserve a second glance another minute let alone a second of my life. my thoughts should be focused more on realizing he’s no good his intentions are were not good and when the words I love you comes out his mouth he’s not talking to me he’s talking to himself bc that’s all he really cares about. When I see the person who introduced us I’m going to cuss him out ttoo!!! even though it’s not his fault that the dude he introduced me to turn out to be a piece of s*** it’s his fault that he knew he was a piece of s*** and he still introduced me to him..

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