The domino effect

So you guys have gotten to hear my rants about how life has been treating me here lately. Now I’m going to list out for you all the things that has happened to me in the last 6 months just so you can kind of get an idea of how shity shit has been. The first Domino that started to teeter back and forth was in December of 2019. That’s when my boss of 9 and 1/2 years fell ill giving a brief description of what was going on then. I worked for a 100% disabled gentleman. He was a quadra paraplegic amputee, who had been in a electrical accident and had been in a wheelchair for 47 years. It was my duty to care for him and help him with his everyday living activities. I did this every single day for 9 years. Making only $8 an hour. He was not an easy man to get along with. He was pissed off at the whole world, which I don’t blame him and we butted heads quite a bit for the first few years. My job details from the time I get there till the time I went home was I got to work at 8:00 p.m. I got him ready for bed. I would clean him, put him in pajamas get him into bed and throughout the night when he needed to use his urinal I would go get it and hold it for him so he can use the bathroom. When he wanted to roll over I would roll him over.  At 7:00 in the morning I got him up dressed and ready for the day made him breakfast and on days that I had a day shift I would go home at 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. On days that I did not have a day shift I stayed there the entire day until I had to be at work that night. There were days that I worked every single day of the week. I did not get paid overtime I did not get holiday pay some days I would work 18 hours at one point in time I had worked 6 months straight every single day only making $8 an hour. Anyways in December my boss started getting a little forgetful and off balance just he wasn’t himself he didn’t act right he repeated himself he just was not himself my parents having been on a nursing home it seemed like to me he was getting a UTI. Anyway moving forward by March he had refused medical treatment four times I gotten to work and he was laying on the floor I told him I was calling 911 to get him assistance he needed it and that he was not going to be able to refuse to go to the hospital because he had to go I knew there was something seriously wrong with him and he needed to be checked out well come to find out he did have a UTI and he let it go for so long that it went septic and if I wouldn’t have sent him to the hospital that night he would have died and being that he was up there in years he went from the hospital to a nursing home and did not come back home so that right there was the start of my bad luck domino effect. The second thing to happen was the love of my life leaving me. The exact same day that DFS came and picked up my daughter that whole deal was a huge message my 17-year-old daughter created then after that I lose my house that I’ve looked at for 3 years because my boss’s children sold this property because he went to a nursing home so I had to move out of my house that I’ve lived in for 3years which then leads us to whereas now which is homeless. I got sentenced to DOC and they’re kind of brings me to here. then I start seein this person who eventually got me to let my guard down and i start to really like him and not to mention he lets me meet the kids who are absolutely the cutest things ever and what does he do? He goes ghosts on me. Stops answering the phone my texts everything. I finally find a place to live which is with my so-called cousin’s place which he’s not really my cousin he’s my 2nd ex wife’s cousin and he desides to keep what little stuff I have left and sell my car bc hes mad at me because he’s secretly has a crush on me and instead telling me, he gets mad and keeps all my s*** kicks me out to be homeless again keeps everything I f****** own down to my dog, fraudulently sign my ex-wife’s name to my title and sold my car out from underneath me. Now I have no transportation. When can I catch a break??? Will I ever catch a break? IT don’t really seem like it that is my rant for today I’m going to get off here

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