No you didn’t…. Living on the run.

So it’s day 2 of being on the run and let me just say this… This shit sucks. I can’t go anywhere bc I don’t want people to see me. Then I’m afraid the people who do see me are going to turn me in or get upset with me over some dumb shit and turn me in. Not a single person I know except for 4 people will have anything to do with me. I can’t go see my street mom/ best friend. I can’t really go anywhere I’m staying with some friends for the time being but I can’t stay here forever bc eventually someone’s going to say something and I don’t want to get my friends caught up. This kind of life is only for rich people who can afford to run and hide… So I was seeing this guy. Omg he was sexy. Has kids. Works. Gives it to me just how I want it. He could be a little more aggressive in bed but hey, I’m not complaining.. What I am complaining about is how flaky he is he will tell me he’s on his way for hours and still never show up… Now what really hurt my feelers was the other night I got locked out and ended up walking the streets til morning bc he never showed up. Let me fast forward to earlier that day where he had said he missed me. The comment was made ” that’s what I do when I care about someone”, well if that’s the case why did u leave me outside and forget to pick me up????? I can’t trust anything anyone says. In my last relationship my ex said something that stuck out to me and it was ” you believe everything ur told” only meant he did nothing but lie to me!!! Men suck. I don’t even try to understand them bc all the ones I’ve dated only care about themselves and only themselves. I can’t stand to hurt someone. My ex that’s all he lives to do. I swear he wakes up on the daily like how can I hurt Brooklyn today!! Oh I’ve got it.. I’ll lie to her face some more, and it’s not just him it’s everyone. Just think how many times have you been there for somebody at the drop of a hat and everything needed you but the minute you need somebody those same people that you were there for can’t even be there for you everybody’s all out for themselves and unless they’re going to benefit from helping you they’re not going to well that’s my rant for today

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