My freedom…

I went to court Friday and the judge gave me a stay until Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. That’s when I must turn myself into Boone county jail to await my transport to The Women’s Eastern Reception and Diagnostic Center. I was sentenced to 5 years which I can do standing on my head. There might be one slight problem this time and that is running Into my ex-wife, she’s already tried to kill me serveral times, and trust me it’s not because she can take me! She is just a whole nother kinds of crazy you just have to witness to believe…

So back to when I got out of court on Friday. I was with my ex and he stops by the store to get himself a soda. I’m in the car I remembered i hadn’t put my purfume onso I spray a little bit on and when he gets back into the car he turns into a royal dick! So I tell him to pull over I’ll walk he tells me to get the fuck out here so I did. Soon as the light turns green he turns left pulls into the laundry mat got out shaking up a strawberry soda and before I know it he is dumpings the entire thing all over me. Ruining my new shoes, my new purse I had gotten from someone just a few days before. I was so hurt all bc he says I slammed his door. That just shows how little I mean to him.. plus I’ve really been trying to move on and forget about him. He keeps hurting me. I’ve never met anyone in my life who’s broke every promise they’ve ever made. I know now never to trust a single word that comes out of anyone’s mouth again for the rest of my life. The people we think love and care for us the most. In reality they DONT!!! The entire time all it’s ever really been was him using you for everything you got. Then when I have nothing else left to give and he’s used you for everything already that’s when he’s packing up his shit and moving out. The fucked up part is he’s moving in with his new girlfriend he’s been fucking with for months now behind my back… Men suck!! Why can’t there be men that are my type that know the meaning of loyalty or being faithful. Instead ur around a group of ur friends and u get up to go to the bathroom and ur date starts hitting on people soon as I walk away. Why is that?? From the age of 16 to 37 I identified as a lesbian. The last few years I’ve had dating this dude and when we split I started seeing this other dude. Which after my last relationship I can’t believe a single word that this new dude says to me. I automatically think he’s gonna do the exact same thing to me so now I have my guard all the way up hell my walls have walls… And they ain’t coming down

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