No you didn’t

So i had court yesterday and I thought that was gonna be the day I got sent to prison, but they continued it til the 16th. I had a ride fromy street mom but when my ex offered to take me I jumped on it. All I wanted was to spend some time with them before I went to prison for however long I’m going to be there, but of course he promised to come over in the morning before court and actually spend some time with me. I texted him when I woke up and asked him to come over and he blows me off to get his windows tinted. It comes time forento leave for court and he finally shows up. At this point in hysterically bawling my eyes out because I’m hurt that he didn’t show up to spend any time with me he continues to tell me that he’s going to be there for me while I’m locked up and I have nothing to worry about but he’s not kept one single promise he’s made to me the entire time I’ve known him and he expects me just to believe him. So I have to stop by a friend’s house before I actually go to court and grab some money that they owe me and while I’m inside there he goes through my phone and gets butt hurt over some messages that he misread and took out of context. He then continues to tell me how he wishes he never met me how much he hates me how much of a hoe I am even though up to this point he’s still the only person I’ve slept with but I’m a hoe because some other dude text me. Have you ever loved somebody so much it doesn’t matter how bad they treat you, you still try to be there for them. I’m to the point now where I feel like no matter what I do or how much I try it’s never going to be good enough and that I really should just try my hardest to get the f*** over him and move on…., but I can’t!!!

      So yesterday was supposed to be the day that my sentencing went down and I would have had to go to jail until they transported me to Vandalia where the women’s diagnostic center is. There I will spend anywhere from 2-6 weeks getting oriented to the prison. From there some women stay in Vandalia and some or sent to Chillicothe Correctional Center and where I would spend my remaining time until I’m released. My only problem with that is my 3rd ex wife is at and that women has tried to kill me numerous times. I’m not the type of person to put my hands on someone but I will admit I’ve had to put my hands on her a few times bc she was trying to kill me. She shattered a glass lamp across my elbow 5 years ago and last year a Chunk of glass came out of my arm. I still have it as a reminder no it to fuck with that girl. I was kinda hoping they would wait to get my court cases over with until she was out but no they won’t. So if any of you get board and want something to do feel free to write me after the 16th I’ll be in Boone county jail after that I can look me up on inmate search just type my name Brooklyn Dugan is what is under or inmate number which is 1223573

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