No Y9ou didnt

So I was thinking the all time question… Why do we lie? Some people lie to protect someone’s feelings, some people do it bc they ate; scared, and then there are people that do it just to hurt people. I personally think that lying is a BIG BIG NO NO in my book. I was in a recent relationship that was filled with nothing but lies. I found out that my ex was cheating on me the entire relationship. Not only was he with me but he was also sleeping with a person I considered a friend, hell more like a sister, and he didn’t stop there he slept with his ex, other girls that I knew. My gut kept telling me something was off. I would pour my heart out to him expressing my love for him and I would get “thanks” or just some half ass comment, but never anything heartfelt or mushy. I should have known right then and there he was using me and didn’t really love me. When the relationship came to an end not only did I feel really stupid but I felt like he had been laughing in my face the entire time. I put my all into that relationship and the shit I found out he did behind my back was and will forever mess with my head. Let’s just say I won’t trust anyone for a very very long time. But I’m sure that’s what he wanted. What makes me pissed off the most is everyone around me knew and not one person said anything to me. Let me say with friends like that who needs enemies.. After everything he’s done to me and said to me I should have wrote him off never to let him enter my thoughts, but I can’t!!! I truly loved him with all my heart, as since we have been broke up I’ve found out he’s done nothing but lie to me, blow me off and get this, he really expects me to sit around and wait while he goes off and shackes up with a 1 legged prostitute. I can’t help but wonder, what the hell has he done for me to want to wait on him. Not even a fraction of a sec and the answer pops into my head. Hell no!!! As a matter of fact all he’s done is make me hate him, never want to see him again. He has hurt me so deeply I don’t think I’ll ever really be able to heal from this. Now I’m not perfect by no means, and I can tell you everything I did that was wrong while in the relationship. 1. While he was in prison for 2 years I slept with 3 different guys. 2. He thinks I had one of them put it up in his face while locked up, but that never happened. 3. I wrote one of the guys and said some very inappropriate things to while he was locked up and my ex read it. 4. I accused him of cheating all the time. ( He was) 5. He didn’t like my mouth. I don’t sugar coat shit ever and I keep shit 100 . I don’t have to be fake or dishonest.. At the end of the day if I really wanted to be spiteful. I would have but it’s not worth it anymore, I never meant nothing to him anyway..

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