No you didnt

Have you ever been with a person you just fell head over heals for but for some odd reason they didn’t love you the same??. Well I have just recently had a relationship end that was this way. I was head over heals for him and he was just using me. I invested 3 years with this person and they are just gonna up and leave me…. I was like wtf. I’m still trying to get over all the hurt but after everything he did 3 months ain’t enough time!!! HAVE YOU EVER WANTED A PARTNER BACK EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW THEY AREN’T GOOD FOR YOU??. ONCE AGAIN I can say I am guilty of this too, I’m pretty sure every person I’ve been with was no good for me but the worst they were the more I wanted them.. My last relationship was the most hurtful. I really thought this person I was with loved me and was true to me, and the only true thing he was… Was a dog. Looking back now a lot of his off the wall comments make more sense… I should have known something was wrong when I would pour my heart out to him and he would say thanks you. As much as it would hurt me that I got a thank u I was forever glad they didn’t just filled my head with lies.. oh wait.. so after having to go through all the hurt, and being embarrassed bc not only was he a dog but he was have sex with people who I thought were my friends, and pretty much anyone who would have sex with him. I would like to hear you’re worst break up story so please either leave a comment or post ur own worst break up moment.

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